International Communications and Support Services

(a) ESSE In-Market Phone & e-Mail Services

Through its extensive network in multiple markets of Asia and the Americas, the ESSE team can provide you with a broad range of local language telephone or e-mail communications, whether it be a targeted set of outbound marketing campaigns or an inbound call or e-mail management support network for communicating in a systematic manner with your international customers or partners on an ongoing basis. These services are available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese (Mandarin Chinese coming soon) and can be put into action very quickly.

(b) Customer or Partner Visit Planning & Candidate Interviews

When starting your overseas ventures, the ESSE team of local market experts can help save you a great deal of time and efforts in finding the right prospective partners, commercial representatives, suppliers or target customers. Many of our export promotion and import sourcing projects involve the ESSE team providing in-depth market canvassing to produce a short list of best potential partners or local market representatives.

We can help you not only with initial local language communications and commercial negotiations, but also can arrange direct partner meetings via webinars or planned overseas visits to meet prospective partners, commercial representatives or key customers.

If you hire ESSE to reduce your production costs by sourcing products or manufacturing overseas, we will work through a careful search and validation process of local suppliers available to you.

(c) ESSE Website Design & Web Communications Services

While your company’s current web-based image may perfectly fit your home market needs, it may not convey the same meanings or be well-interpreted by consumers in international markets. By catering your desired market image to be compelling and attractive overseas, the ESSE team can help you most effectively reach your target audiences. At ESSE, we understand local cultures and business customs.

Our marketing specialists and web design team can help you best adapt your image to expand your sales and establish market presence in markets as distinct as Brazil and Japan. At ESSE we believe that your web presence must go well beyond simple translation to effectively reach overseas consumers and we can help you achieve a comprehensive plan to sell direct to international consumers via your own e-commerce setup.

In addition to web site services we can integrate a targeted set of phone and e-mail marketing campaigns that will drive greater traffic to your websites.

(d) Business Document & Translation Services

The ESSE Team can offer ad hoc or ongoing translation services for your business or technical documents as you grow internationally. Consult the ESSE team today to find out about our cost effective translation services. At ESSE we will work with you to ensure that your messages reach their foreign audiences.

(e) Government Export Promotion Grant Assistance

Several international governments offer extensive funding opportunities for companies that seek to grow internationally. At ESSE we have worked hard to understand the federal, regional and local public and private entities that can provide our clients with financial support they need to launch international ventures. We can help you find funding assistance to get started. Inquire about our grant assistance services today (not available in all markets).