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In international markets, its not just what you sell, but how you sell it, that will determine your success. Our systematic and customized approach to market research will help you focus your efforts on the right targets. Our extensive network of in-market experts will help you launch your export sales quickly and with ease. Discover how we can help you grow:

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About Us

Our mission is to provide our clients with in-depth market expertise and on-the-ground business start-up services to grow their international sales and marketing presence in key markets of Asia, North America and Latin America. From our own international business and living experience, we know that companies are well-served to rely on market experts to successfully overcome the cultural, language, business or legal barriers that can hinder international marketing ventures....Expand your sales horizons with in-market experts

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Our Team

The ESSE team can help you overcome one of the greatest barriers to expanding internationally - that of finding a trusted set of customers, advisors, partners or representatives to launch your business successfully. Through our multi-local network of in-market experts, we can confidently provide you the guidance and personalized support you need to become successful internationally. Our international network is our strength..