ESSE ‘Greenfield’ Business Planning & Startup Services

V. Business Planning & Startup Services

In the event that previous commercial activities with ESSE have demonstrated clear ROI and market potential that justify the relevance and upside of investing in establishing international ‘greenfield’ business operations, the ESSE team is prepared to help its clients, either as a consultant or, in very select circumstances as a joint partner, with all aspects of business planning and overseas business startup services.   ESSE team members will develop an- in-depth market business plan with fixed and variable costs, product and service sales and contributions projections and break-even estimates.  In the process, we will help you develop an action plan which will include the investigation and recommended several options with regard to certain important issues: assessing the potential revenue, the model definition of the service or product target market the business and technical requirements, development of business plans and identify and initiate the first commercial contracts with targeted customers, supply of raw materials and inputs, assessment of legal, fiscal, financing and regulatory considerations, as well as installation and infrastructure (purchase, rental, labor, management, etc.) considerations.  A thorough project plan will be crafted jointly with the ESSE client’s commercial team.  Depending on the scale and scope of investments required for local operations, greenfield projects can last from 1 to 4 years.

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