Business Development Consulting

“In international markets, its not just what you sell, but how you sell it, that will determine your success…”

III. Recommendations & Strategic Planning for Commercial Launch

Based on the information gathered through our international market studies and a perception of how much control and resources our clients are willing to commit to new international ventures, we will thoroughly discuss our findings and seek to reach a consensus with our clients regarding the best entry strategies and effective next steps for commercial launch in new international markets, be they to sell direct (e-commerce, direct target customer commercial visits), hire a commercial sales team, field agent or regional distributor (ESSE or others), partner with or invest in current market players, or plan for new Greenfield business operations.   Based on joint strategic discussions with our clients, we will develop a next level commercialization plan that highlights key actions, roles and responsibilities, timing and resources required and business goals and success metrics.  The ESSE team is prepared to offer a holistic set of business development services in accordance with its clients’ resources, timing needs and strategic priorities. Several of these services can be offered in a packaged or stand-alone manner and are presented below:

IV. ESSE International Business Development Services

a. ESSE Business Intelligence Monitors

The ESSE team is prepared to develop customized sectoral market reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to meet our clients’ specific interests.  Typically, we offer this service to help our international clients keep up-to-date with very specific sectoral business developments, new government investment plans or policy changes.  Our BI Monitor analyses are very often focused not just on a specific economic sector (mining, aluminum, pulp and paper, green technology), but also hone in on the activities and pronouncements of specific market sector participants (international and local companies and federal and regional governments) with the objective of highlighting business opportunities for our international clients.  Other aspects included in our BI Monitors include industry technology trends, corporate acquisitions or sales plans, company investments or plans for technology upgrades, new government incentives or investment outlays, government announced tenders.

b. International Marketing Operations & Support Services

The ESSE Team has many years of marketing experience with companies like Procter & Gamble, Nokia, Carlsberg and Intel and can help its clients adapt their commercial sales collaterals or web presence for international audiences by translating and localizing current content or developing completely new commercial collateral for use with prospective partners or clients in new markets. In several previous client engagements, recommendations made by the ESSE team were fruitful in generating improvements not only for new market collaterals but also for the existing home market corporate collateral of our clients.  We are highly skilled at developing compelling marketing communications that help our clients deliver key messages and our experience web developer can help clients develop website extensions or new stand-alone sites where this makes sense.

In addition, the ESSE team can help its clients with local language web marketing campaigns for specific target market sectors to help expand initial market awareness and trigger local market commercial prospects.  Finally, for each market, the ESSE team can work with its clients to develop press releases and secure press coverage for important company announcements in new markets.  Typically, we would target a few key economic or trade journals and seek to arrange direct interviews for company directors if and when this helps.

c. ESSE Short-term Business Networking & Commercial Liaison Services

In some cases, ESSE’s international clients already have a clear idea of a specific or limited set of target customers they wish to contact, but due to language or cultural barriers or difficulties in opening effective dialogues, need support from local commercial experts.  In this case, ESSE local market experts can provide the bridge and help its clients establish first commercial contacts.  ESSE can network a list of customers or potential partners and help organize a joint 1-2 week commercial prospecting trip for its clients to meet key managers at local target companies.   ESSE team members will help with sales visit planning, translation and mediation services along the way, and, if needed, can further support clients with their financial and legal negotiations.  This initial commercial ‘on-ramp’ can be a cost effective way to enable ESSE clients to test the waters and assess the value in investing more time and resources in new international markets.

d. Recruitment and Qualification of a Commercial Agent/Sales Representative

Depending on the level of technical or market sector-specific expertise required, the ESSE team can either recruit and qualify or act as the commercial sales representative for its clients in new international markets.   In either case, we will recommend to our clients a process that will ensure a cost-effective approach to opening new commercial fronts.  ESSE can recruit and qualify a short list of candidates which can then be interviewed by our clients for final selection or can be selected by ESSE.  In addition, we can provide local performance management oversight for our clients to accompany the work of selected representative(s) and ensure quality service.  Based on previous client engagements in several market sectors, the ESSE team may be well-positioned to offer direct commercial representation for its clients.  Having established trusted commercial relationships and broad based networks in local overseas markets, ESSE can help its clients establish initial sales leads even more quickly than if were to hire 3rd party agents.

e. ESSE Recruitment and Qualification of Local Commercial Partner or Regional Distributors

The ESSE team can be hired to identify and qualify one or more prospective business partners or regional distributors that are technically or commercially prepared to represent its clients. ESSE can recruit, qualify and validate a short list of good candidates your team will interview. The ideal partner or distributor would typically already sell into our clients’ targeted customer sectors or offer a complementary set of products or services to the market.  The ESSE team will work closely with its clients to develop a short list of key qualifications and requirements for these prospective partners or distributors.  In all scenarios, the ESSE team can provide commercial communications and represent its clients in matters related to commercial introductions, negotiations/contracts and ongoing performance management.

“Our local market experts will save you time and money and reduce your risks in finding trusted regional partners or business representatives overseas…”