International Market Analysis & Research

I. Client Company Canvassing

All ESSE Consultants client engagements start with an in-depth company canvassing that ensures that we thoroughly understand the key value propositions, market strategies and product and service offers of our client’s business.  Through joint discussions, we will also gather important information regarding how our client perceives international business opportunities, challenges, direct competitors, market positioning and sales and services models available for new markets. Based on this initial canvassing, we will reach a consensus as to the appropriate scope and focus needed for our international market study.

“Our extensive network of in-market experts will help you launch your export sales quickly and with ease”

II. International Market Analyses or Feasibility Studies

With its extensive global network of local market experts, the ESSE team is well-positioned to provide thorough market analysis and commercial insights for new markets.  Among the many aspects we will evaluate in our market analyses and feasibility studies for new international markets are the current market structures and existing commercial channels, competitive product and service offers, business and consumer preferences, key market segment players and potential partners, and an assessment of the 4 P’s (product, placement, price and promotion) and uniqueness of our client’s compelling offers for specific new markets.   We may also explore the current knowledge base or levels of technology being used in local markets and provide insights regarding the needs for intellectual property protection.

“Our systematic and customized approach to market research will help you focus your efforts on the right targets”

The ESSE team may recommend that customized target customer or consumer research be performed by ESSE or third parties or that existing specialized trade publications and technical analyses be acquired to complement our work.  Based on our analysis, we will summarize the main commercial opportunities and challenges that exist and provide some parameters as to the possible entry strategies and estimated investments required for success.  In many cases, under the guise of market research, we can identify and provide initial commercial contacts with key market players, potential target customers or future prospective partners to validate business opportunities, expressed market player interests and complementary market offers.  By thoroughly understanding our clients’ businesses and then performing effective international market studies, we can assess the feasibility for international commercial ventures, recommend the best market entry strategies and help our clients effectively match their most compelling offers to the demands and needs of new international markets.

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