- Latin America's largest and most diversified economy;

- Politically and financially stable;

- One of world's three largest emerging economies along with India and China,
  Brazil climbed from being the 12th largest to become the 8th largest economy
  in the world in 2007;

- With its large sugarcane production, Brazil is strongly positioned to be a world
  leader in biodiesel production;

- Brazil is a heavily insutrialized economy with a strong agricultural base and is
  currently seeking to differentiate its predominantly raw materials exports through
  significant technological transfer. Significant growth areas are seen in the
  exports of petroleum, paper and celulose, mining and metallurgical sectors, including



- Represents nearly 50% of Asia's GDP and 18% of the World's GDP

- Japan is the world's third largest economy and offers clear advantages in
  creating strategic alliances even to enter other Asian markets;

- Even during recent year economic slowdowns, the Japanese are devoted to
  traveling and are heavy consumers of high quality products, including
  ecologically sensible value added products;

- Japanese tourists have one of the highest average daily expenditures of any national
  group in the world.