About Us

ESSE Global Business Development Network was conceived in 2006 by a group of talented, culturally adept and internationally experienced professionals. Our mission is to provide our clients with in-depth market expertise and on-the-ground business start-up services to grow their international sales and marketing presence in key markets of Asia, North America and Latin America.

From our own international business and living experience, we know that companies are well-served to rely on market specialists to successfully overcome the cultural, language, business or legal barriers that can hinder international marketing ventures. More specifically, we know that the success of your ventures into international markets depends not just on having a compelling service and product offering, but also relies on having the right market penetration and communications strategies for each market.

ESSE, Experts in Strategy and Support for Export, can assist your company on many levels, at many stages and in several languages through the challenges of developing your business overseas. We do this by providing a common and cost-effective consulting framework for each of the unique markets in which we operate.

The ESSE team will start by understanding your company's commercial strategies and core product and service offerings. We will then seek to identify international business opportunities in key markets, providing you with business start-up considerations and ESSE's own in-depth Business Sizing & Market Entry Analysis.

As we highlight the market entry strategies available to you, we will show you the financial and marketing tradeoffs associated with each and match your company’s value propositions to perceived international market demands. Based on our recommendations, we can then offer you a myriad of personalized start-up support and marketing services, be they associated with direct export models, the identification of regional partners or agents or ESSE's own international representation services.

Through our multi-local network of local market experts, we can confidently provide you the guidance and personalized support you need to be successful internationally. See a list of our services and our talented team of consultants in the links below. Grow your business internationally with minimal risks in a time-efficient manner with ESSE's global network today!